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This is a place where you can see my imagination come to life in all my creations. Thank you.

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titled: “portals” ~ teperz
[all rights reserved ©]
captured & written by teperz
April Lunar Eclipse - 2014 … aka The Blood Moontaken by Teperz Rae
by teperz rae photography
◊ M. Faris ◊Taken: January 22nd 2014~ Teperz Rae Photography ~
lyrics from gabriel wolfchild’s song "sleep"creation by teperz
christmas lights by V. Worth ◊ poem from her book “all the small poems”creation by teperz
grass by V. Worth ◊ poem from her book “all the small poems”creation by teperz
“Rachel Brooke" tattoo by Capt. Lu @ Ink Life Tattoos in Olympia, WA ~ Sept 2012 ~Photo Credit: Teperz RaeModel: Teperz
One of the many creations I made in my current project “Austin Skies” these creations may be used for wallpaper. If anyone is interested in having a ‘Teperz’ designed personal wallpaper for them, contact me directly @ [] OR @ [] ◊ free of charge :)Enjoy!
Christmas Lights Low Exposure Project by :: TeperzEquipment :: Canon EOS Rebel T3i w/ EFS 55-250mm (w/ hood)Settings :: Low Exposure 15”Jan 2014.
This piece is dedicate to the strangers. But this stranger, she is beautiful no matter what anyone says even if she doesn’t believe it herself. I want to share this piece with her and others who feel the pain we all go through with our minds & bodies accepting each other. I know that over the years I’ve suffered in silence with an extra large sweater over my body to hide a self image I hoped to change, to hide what others were curious in waiting to judge, but I hid under that sweater because I was hiding from the perception of what most people and the media consider to be beautiful.Once I caved in to that cheese sandwich I decided to try life that way, to add layers and different flavors over the years. To accept myself and my body for who and what is me.To the young girls and boys who suffer in silence trying to achieve the deadliest goal, I wrap my arms around your boney body and hold you with all my thoughts, and blessings. With all my understanding of what you’re going through.Beauty isn’t always about your ribs and waist line, the numbers on that scale or about what others say and show you. Its about what’s deep within. We all have a light inside of us, some dimmer than others, but all you need to do is follow a blinding path in the dark in order to find it. And I think that’s what people are scared of the most, but once you find that light, you will start to cling to it and never want it to go.I know that acceptance is hard, especially when it comes to accepting who you are. But I share with you my love, my skin, my image and my life with everyone who needs it the most. I can’t be the candle that lights up the world, but I will try to bring a flicker of light to every individual I meet.
◊ EAT FIT . GET FIT . LIVE FIT ◊By: Teperz Rae
"War Within Thyself"By: Teperz Rae